July 14, 2024


Dr. Lori Barr helped scale her private practice to 9-figures and grow Austin’s Dell Childrens Medical Center from an idea formed in the minds of doctors in the basement of the local general hospital into the first LEED Platinum Hospital in the world. She serves about 18,127 patients and specialists yearly. Beyond her practice, her best-seller, Think & Grow Well, and her podcast by the same name, assist readers in strengthening mind, body, spirit and awareness before a health crisis occurs. Dr. Barr helps professionals scale both practice and expertise so they have more time and money for self and those they serve. She mentors thousands of students, doctors and other professionals through 45 peer-reviewed publications, invited presentations, academic affiliations, visiting professorships and with her podcast, The Doctor’s Mentor Show. Lori appears regularly as a stage and show guest on medical, educational, and entrepreneurial platforms. She has the ear of world-changers, industry leaders, former presidents and first ladies.